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Vibe Summer Youth Program

Throughout the month of August and beginning of September lead artist Annalisa Iadicicco partnered with muralist Kristy McCarthy to help guide the youth in the design and creation of a mural in the community center that celebrates the hopes and dreams of the young people of Queensbridge.

Queensbridge youth program partnered with the city’s MAP initiative to launch VIBE Youth— an initiative that seeks to provide structured programming for young adults (16-24) to produce and present public art that increases the vibrancy of their communities. Riis worked with our friends Rainbow and the Blue Bus Project to provide 15 youth with weekly art classes and creative skills training.

Artist: Krysty Mc Carthy

Artist Assistant: Dyami Vieira

Lead Artsist: Annalisa Iadicicco

Youth Artists: Diani Franklin, Deshaya Franklin, Damani McAllister, Shaunby Allan, Kareem Lee, Sukhnoor Singh, Chayleen Fernandez, Yarubi Fernandez

Workshop date/Location/time :

August 2 to September 3, 2021

Jacob A. Riis Settlement Houses, Queensbridge


Read more about the project here

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