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Re(f)use Me! workshop @ Ravenswood Houses in LIC

We are pleased to present RE(F)USE ME! From reclaimed objects to artistic treasures, a series of sustainable art workshops for the youth and seniors of Ravenswood Houses in LIC and the members of its community. 


The goal is to bring youth and seniors together to create artworks that reflects individual talent and a collective vision for the community. Public housing is often culturally disenfranchised and our goal is to change that dynamic. We hope to not only increase access to the arts for local public housing residents but also highlight the breadth of artistic talents that exist within public housing and challenge stereotypes.


The final creations will be install permanently in the housing complex and community garden.


Ravenswood Houses is a low-income New York City Housing Authority development located in Long Island City. The complex opened in 1951 and consists of 31 buildings, 2,167 apartments which houses an estimated 4,150 people.


This project is made possible by the 2019 Queens Art Fund- Community Art Grant from the Queens Council on the Arts.

Participating Artists: Cristina Ferrigno, Annalisa Iadicicco


Workshop date/Location/time :

June 7/21/28, 2019

Ravenswood Houses 


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