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NYC Parks

The Re(f)USE Me workshop, hosted by The Blue Bus Project, will be brought to Queensbridge Park on June 4,2022 and Hoover Manton Playground on June 12  through a partnership between The Blue Bus Project and NYC Parks.


The Re(f)USE ME workshop centers on the five Rs of environmental awareness: reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and refuse. This environmental program invites participants to use unwanted, found, and discarded materials to create small, artistic treasures. Through the act of repurposing, we aim to inspire individuals to adopt a culture of resourcefulness and refuse.

Lead Artist: Annalisa Iadicicco

Artist Assistant: Ellen Stedfeld

Artist Assistant: Diani Franklin, Deshaya Franklin

Workshop date/Location/time :

June 4/12, 2022

Queensbridge Park/Hoover Manton Playground 

Queensbridge Park

Hoover Manton playground

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