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L(yrical)P(lay) CD workshops @ AHRC –Far Rockaway

The Blue Bus Project (TBBP) is pleased to present L(yrical) P(lay) Release, a 5-day long project that uses interdisciplinary artistic practices to engage members of Far Rockaway and members of its diverse community in playful conversations and activities for the co-creation of songs and the release of an LP.


By establishing a safe environment for the participants to engage into music experiments, handcraft activities and storytelling practices, TBBP aims to strengthen each individual's sense of self and self-expression, as well as their relationships with the members of their community. 

The participants will collaborate in the creation, composition and recording of songs through creative writing, sound and resonance explorations of different materials and objects, as well as voice and rhythm activities. 

The artistic work created during the workshops will be presented @ The Blue Bus Project L(yrical) P(lay) Release Party on July 12th at the AHRC Center for an open to all final celebration. 

Participating Artists/Facilitators: 

Sara Galassini , Annalisa Iadicicco, Ivan Dalia

This project is made possible by the 2019 Queens Art Fund- Community Art Grant from the Queens Council on the Arts and the 2019 Neighborhood Grant from Citizen Committee for NYC.


Click Image below to listen to the # songs created during our workshops

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 11.42.51

Workshop date/Location/time :

June 18/20/27- July 2/12, 2019

AHRC - Far Rockaway 

10-11:30PM and 12:20-2PM


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