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Jameco Exchange”/ “Art Yo’ Trash”

No Longer Empty/ Local Project

Jameco Exchange, a site-responsive exhibition and socially engaged education platform that revolve around the art of storytelling about a place: Jamaica, Queens.

Art Yo' Trash Workshop with Local Project
A three-part series open studio workshop where participants are invited to work with artists Daniel Valle and Annalisa Iadicicco to finalize a collective sculpture made from trash. Upon completion, the sculpture will be displayed as part of Local Project’s exhibition Paradise in the City.

Local Projects is a grassroots artist collective based in Long Island City, Queens.


Workshop #1- Discarded Car bumpers into Transformer/Super Hero Sculpture by artist Annalisa Iadicicco


Workshop #2 - Papier-mâché into Statue of Liberty Sculpture by Daniel Valle

Workshop date/Location/time :

June 2-14, 2016 

Jamaica, Queens

11:00am - 4pm 

Take a look

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