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“(H)OUR FAMILY DAY” @ Hour Children

We would like to thank Queens Council in the Arts (QCA) for believing in The Blue Bus Project and awarding us the "2018 Art Access" Grant and the "Artistic excellence recognition"  Award.


Their support has made it possible for us to come close to the reality of Hour Children by bringing the power of art to its community.


Hour Children (HC) is a Queens non profit organization that helps incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children to successfully rejoin the community, reunite with their families, and rebuild their lives.


Partnering with HC represents an important step forward for The Blue Bus Project by allowing us to serve a largely underserved community and and an intergenerational and multi ethnic group of individuals that ranges from the age of 5 to 70 years old.            

Guest Artist Sara Galassini will join forces with Annalisa Iadicicco to share "(H) OUR family Day", 4 days of art workshops in visual arts and interdisciplinary theater activities. Annalisa will involve children in the creation of artistic treasures with  reclaimed objects and Sara will work closely with the women of Hour Children by sharing sound and movement based techniques, applied theater games and sound meditations.

The two groups of participants will then come together to create a "communal art journal" of desires, needs, hopes, and struggles. This process will culminate in a final exhibition. With this methodology we hope to encourage personal exploration and self expression, to build a stronger sense of connection and trust, to cultivate empathy and grow a deeper sense of belonging within the community of HC.

Workshop date/Location/time :

Aug 2/6/9/20, 2018

Hour Children

10am-11:30am and/or 12:30-2pm

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