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FIGMENT @ Governor’s Island

“Figment” is a free, inclusive, participatory arts event held in multiple cities and drawing tens of thousands of participants each year. FIGMENT's mission is to offer free, family-friendly and participatory art to entire communities.


Bursting with creativity and fueled with the desire to share the gift of art, “The Blue Bus Project “ took its first ferry ride in the New York Harbor to create a 2 days Art & Music event.


Participant Artist: Priscilla Stadler, Daniel Valle, Beth William Garrett, Plomer Daniel Torres, Annalisa Iadicicco.
Music Performers: Sara Galassini & Yukio Tsuji "Sara Galas Band"

Dance Performers: Jackie Nowicki, Jarred Bosh - Directed and Choreographed by Tyler Gilstrap

Workshop date/Location/time :

June4-5 2016  

Governor's Island 

12:00pm - 5pm 

Take a look

Music Performers: Sara Galassini & Yukio Tsuli


A TunanuT Production

Dance Performers : Jackie Nowicki & Jarred Bosch

Directed and Choreographed by Tyler Gilstrap 

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