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Pop-Up Holiday Market

As the holiday season approaches, The Blue Bus Project is thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to our Pop-Up Holiday Art Market- a celebration of creativity nested in the heart of Long Island City!

The Pop-Up Holiday Market is a unique shopping experience, featuring a curates selection of handcrafted art pieces, including paintings, pottery, upcycled clothes, bags, jewelry and more. Whether you are searching for a statement piece for your home or a unique gift for a loved one, the market offers an eclectic array of options to suit every taste.

Join us at The Blue Bus Project for a memorable shopping experience that goes beyond the ordinary, while supporting local and small businesses!

The Pop-Up Holiday Market is a celebration of creativity and community, making it the ideal destination for those seeking unique and meaningful gifts this holiday season. As a special treat, indulge in complimentary panettone from Santa Chiara Alta Pasticceria and hot drinks, adding a touch of warmth to your visit.

Workshop date/Location/time :

December 1-17, 2023

Culture Lab LIC

Thurs/Fri 4PM-8 PM

Sat/Sun 11AM - 8PM 

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