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Clean & Green: Renewable Solar Energy

Dive into the world of solar energy with The Blue Bus Project (TBBP)! Join us for an enlightening experience as we bring four hands-on, science-based family art activities to the vibrant neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Long Island City, Queensbridge, and Richmond Hill.

Led by TBBP's teaching artists Christopher Villafuerte, each participant will embark on a journey to understand the significance of solar energy. Witness the magic of a live demonstration showcasing how the sun's energy is converted into electricity through the panel, battery, and inverter installed on the bus.

Engage in the creation of a solar-powered art piece, "Spinning Flowers," using a small geared motor connected to a mini solar panel and a breadboard to illuminate LEDs. Every crafted masterpiece will contribute to a final collaborative art piece powered by the bus's solar panels.

The Clean & Green: Renewable Solar Energy workshops are made possible by the generous support of New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), Flushing Town Hall, and Citizen Committee for NYC. Don't miss this opportunity to blend science, art, and sustainability in a fun and interactive setting!

Workshop date/Location/time :

October 1/15/20/22, 2023

Jackson Heights, Long Island City, Queensbridge, Richmond Hill

3pm - 6pm

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Jackson Heights

Long Island City


Forest Park, Richmond Hill