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Get ready for an engaging adventure as we join forces once more with NYC Parks! This year, our journey takes us into various parks across Queens, where we'll conduct our Creative Reuse workshop. Transforming recycled materials into small creations, this workshop is open to kids, adults, and families alike.

Participate in larger events sponsored by the parks, and catch the Blue Bus as it visits the following locations:

  • Utopia Playground

  • Hoover-Manton Playground

  • Rainey Park, Astoria

  • Travers Park

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this exciting initiative, blending creativity, sustainability, and community spirit!

Workshop date/Location/time :

May 21/ June11/17/29, 2023

Utopia Playground/Hoover-Manton Playground/Rainey Park/Travers Park

11am - 2pm


May 21, 2023​ - Utopia Playground

 June11, 2023 Hoover-Manton Playground

June17, 2023 - Rainey Park

June 29, 2023 Travers Park