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Be (Y)our own hero @ AHRC

"Be (Y)our own hero": a series of interdisciplinary art based workshops that will engage members of the AHRC organization and of its neighboring communities in playful conversations and activities targeted to the co-creation of a performance on the theme of superheroes.
AHRC  is a family governed organization committed to finding ways for people with intellectual and other development disabilities to build full lives as defined by each person and supported by dedicated families, staff and community partners. The workshop will run from August through September 2018 and will be facilitated by artist's members of The Blue Bus Project in collaboration with the AHRC's art teachers & staff. 

Participating Artists/Facilitators:Sara Galassini, Annalisa Iadicicco, Natasha Lardera, Dhanashree Gadiyar, Jonathon Epstein, Darinka Vlahek


Workshop date/Location/time :

Aug 29- Sep/12/18/26, 2019

AHRC Howie Stone Center:1420 Ferris Place, Bronx

10am-11:30am and/or 12:30-2pm

We would like to thank Citizen Committee for NYC for believing in TBBP and for awarding us the 2018 Neighborhood grant.  

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