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Fall 2019 Assembly- Artist Challenging Normativity 

The Blue Bus Project will be at Jacob A Riis Settlement House for the Fall 2019 Assembly- Artist Challenging Normativity, A Blade of Grass Magazine event co-presented by the Museum of Moving Image

Discover how unique collaborations between Museum of the Moving Image, The Jacob Riis Settlement House, The Blue Bus Project, and artists Tiffany Joy Butler and Hera Singh have promoted intergenerational creative expression and dialogue. Aboard The Blue Bus Project at Jacob Riis Settlement House, we will join local artists and cultural workers based at the settlement house for a presentation and discussion of screenings, sound works, and other artworks made with residents to build community amongst themselves and to better communicate with their neighbors. To locate ourselves within the neighborhood, Hera Singh will lead a walking tour from the museum to the settlement house for a showcase and workshop with Tiffany Joy Butler. 


*Please note this workshop is not wheelchair accessible as there are stairs to enter the bus


Workshop date/Location/time :

Oct 19th 2019  

Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement 

3:00pm - 5pm 

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