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The Blue Bus Project is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that brings participatory arts events into underserved communities throughout NYC, heightening awareness about social and environmental issues, and encouraging change through visual, performance, and interdisciplinary art workshops.

As a mobile platform, the repurposed school bus hosts projects in public parks, community centers, and NYCHA housing complexes, partnering local organizations with artists to design programs for the specific needs of a community.

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Through art, we bridge individuals to their neighborhoods by providing them with a space to explore their inherent creativity and empowering them to take action in solving critical problems in society.


With our bright colors, hardwood floor and gas in our tank, our cultural bus is a fully equipped alternative art space that promotes inclusion by crossing all barriers,

 reaching inter-generational and multiracial communities.

We are so grateful for this award!

Thank you to Culture Lab LIC and 

 Queens Council on the Arts.


A sincere message from our participants !


  • “It is vital to have our children engaged in artistic creative ventures like this.

       The beautiful thing is that you are bringing it directly to them. They are able

        to access and do it in a way they are comfortable, in an environment they feel safe.” 

         —-Miss Florence Ferguson, Friends of Beach 59th Street Association


  • “I really like the Blue Bus because they show us and inspire us how to be artists

       and how to recycle.” 

       — Deshaun, Age 12, Far Rockaway


  • “We learned so much about everyone through this project." ”They shared personal stories and feelings that none of us had ever heard before. Their hopes, their fears, their dreams, stories about their families —- they were all very open.”

      —Dhanashree Gadiyar, Project Coordinator at AHRC - ArTech at Howie Stone Adult     Day Center,- The Bronx

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